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  1. Alexander says:

    Don’t cry over spilt milk.

  2. Ismael says:

    To be as hungry as a horse

  3. Levitra says:

    Awsome blog! I’ve just bookmarked it.

  4. Ein liebes Hallo aus Germany! Ich möchte Ihnen gerne für die ” Spring Show 2014 ” die Künstlerinnen ” Twinrose ” bewerben. Ich würde ich mich über eine Rückantwort sehr freuen. Bis dahin wünsche ich Ihnen alles gute, Ihre Birgit Sinn Have Nice Day

  5. Could you post the details and cities for the Spring Show 2015?

    • admin says:

      I don’t have that Information yet ,Gisela doesn’t want to give it to me ,because she doesn’t want to have it published on Internet .I have to wait untill it is published in America Woche ….

      DO ME A FAVOR . ASK HER WHY ,or call her for info …

  6. Dan Parr says:

    I am wondering if you will be having the 22nd Annual Oktoberfest at the Taj Mahal this year? If so, do you have a date for it yet, so that I may book a room for Sunday night at the Taj as I always stay there. I have been going to the Oktoberfest every year since 2009, & it is always really great. I love all the German food & the entertainment, especially the Bayrische 7. Thank you, Dan Parr

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